BIGBANG K-Pop Merchandise

Nowadays, K-pop (Korean-pop) is a very popular music genre. Originally only listened to in South Korea, K-pop has slowly made its way to the global music market! The genre made its mark in the music industry due to popular bands such as BIGBANG. BIGBANG – A South Korean boy band including 4 members (5th member Seungri retired in March); Daesung, Taeyang, G-Dragon, and T.O.P.

BIGBANG is recognized as an influential band that helped K-pop get to where it is now. The boy band is also known as the Kings of K-pop by media and fans. Moreover, the band also made it to Forbes’ list of most influential musicians in 2016 and 2017.

BIGBANG is one of the many Korean bands whose merchandise and clothing people are crazy after! When it comes to original merchandise of the band look no further than Mermaid Freak. We offer hottest merchandise and clothing of many bands including BIGBANG.

We’ll take a look at each merchandise product Mermaid Freak has to offer.

  1. BIGBANG Final in Seoul concert T-shirt  This cotton T-shirt available in black is a one-of-a-kind shirt with all five members on the front. The T-shirt pays homage to the original boy band before member Seungri left the band. Only true fans who have been following the band since its debut in 2006 will understand the importance of this shirt!
  2. BIGBANG GD Peace Minus One Caps  Available in black, white, and red. Want to look and feel like you’re a member of the BIGBANG? What better than to get the perfect look by adding this accessory to your outfit.
  3. BIGBANG Back Number Hoodies  Available in black, these cotton-fleece hoodies are the best clothing item to keep you warm in the winters and express your love for the band! The hoodies have the band’s logo in the front and name and number of the band member in the back. You can choose your own band member and get that hoodie!
  4. BIGBANG GD Peace Minus One Phone Case  What better way to express your love and customize your phone than to buy original BIGBANG merchandise. The silicon phone covers come in black (with white logo) and red (with black logo) and comes in different sizes to accommodate iPhone models from iPhone 6 to iPhone X.
  5. Big Bang Bang Bang T-shirt  The black cotton unisex T-shirt has the words “Big Bang Bang Bang” written in yellow and red. With no pictures of the band members, the shirt is a subtle way to express your love for the band without going too overboard. (But really, what does overboard mean?)
  6. BIGBANG G-Dragon Motte Sweatshirt  The sweatshirt is available in black and white with G-Dragon written in red. The sweatshirt has a dark aesthetic in it and can be paired with any choice of pants and jacket.
  7. BIGBANG Made Jacket  This cool and loose stylish jacket available in white and black is a great look for both men and women. It looks great with a casual shirt and jeans or when worn under an oversized t-shirt.




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