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If you are looking to buy your favorite KPOP merch from Black Pink, you have come to the right and trusted place.


Mermaid Freak offers aesthetic and high-quality KPOP Black Pink merch. We have a collection of the best and most comfortable materials designed by your favorite idols. Here is some of the most desired Black Pink KPOP merch. So what are you waiting for?


“Palm Trees Black Pink” T-Shirt

This shirt is available in two colors, black and white. All sizes are available. A plain shirt has a pink design in the middle where “Black Pink” is written in neon pink letters. This is one of our bestselling k-pop tee which is made out combination of cotton and polyester.


KPOP Black Pink “Kill This Love” T-Shirt

This casual t-shirt is made out of modal, and is specifically for women. It has an O-neck collar. It is available in only one color, pink. “Black Pink In Your Area” is printed in black and pink on the t-shirt. Similar designs feature “Black Pink” on the pink t-shirt. It retails for $28.99 USD.


“Black Pink” Backpack

Available for $34.99 USD, this black canvas bag is perfect to complement a casual outfit. It has a small pocket in the front to keep your belongings. The letters “Black Pink” are printed on the bag inside a small rectangular pattern in pink.


Black Pink KPOP Unisex Hoodies

These are plain black sweatshirts with the words “Black Pink” adorning the sleeves and the centre of the sweatshirt. It is perfect for a streetwear look and they retail for $38.99 USD.


KPOP Black Pink Cotton Pullover Hoodies

This is a plain cotton pullover hoodie with the letters “Black Pink” written on the sleeves and centre of the hoodie in pink and white. They are available in black, white, grey, yellow, pink and red. They currently retail for $53.99 USD.


Blackpink KPOP Pencil Case

This is a Hologram reflective pencil case with the words Black Pink on them. It retails for &35.99 USD.


KPOP Black Pink Headband

These are unisex headbands in black and pink made out of cotton and nylon. They are letter headbands which feature all the members of blackpink. It retails for $13.99 USD.


KPOP Black Pink Hip Hop Popular Idol Unisex Hoodie

This unisex hoodie is available in red, black, blue, pink, white and grey. Each color has the name of a different member of Black Pink. They are made out of polyester and cotton and can be worn in spring, summer or winter. They retail for $54.99 USD.



Mermaid Freak has anything and everything you could possibly want from KPOP Black Pink, ranging from t-shirts and hoodies to headbands and pencil cases. We offer the best quality which you will not regret. So rush to buy your favorite items before they are sold out.








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