Some Great Aesthetic Long Sleeve Shirt Ideas

Long sleeve shirts give off an aesthetic that is quite different from what you get with regular t-shirts. The long sleeved t-shirts offer far more options for designs and customization than what you get with a regular half-sleeved t-shirt. Hence, if you are looking for a shirt that gives your entire upper torso a great look, then what you get is a long-sleeved t-shirt. It not just covers everything, but is also able to give you a number of different looks just with its designs and the way it has been stitched together.

To make the most of what you can get from aesthetic long-sleeved t-shirts, here are some interesting options:

The Tight Plain T-Shirt

The tight plain long-sleeved t-shirt offers you a unique look. It’s simple, but it carries its own specific style with it. The tight arms which fit close against your skin, and the straight front that’s more open and spacious around your torso both combine to give a look that’s both unique and gorgeous. The plain t-shirt is one of the top aesthetic long-sleeved shirts that you can go for.

The Gothic Oversized Option

One of the best things about long-sleeved shirts is the fact that size isn’t an issue. You can go for all kinds of torso sizes as long as your arms are fairly covered. One of the best options for you is the gothic oversized long-sleeved t-shirts. This shirt is going to be mostly plain and larger than your size, with its arms much longer than what you would typically expect. The only text on the entire t-shirt is going to be gothic symbols on the sleeves.

The Simple T-Shirt with a Message

Perhaps the most impressive part of a long-sleeved t-shirt is the large amount of space that you get to utilize. You can pull on a t-shirt and have any kind of message displayed on it, no matter how long it might be. The simple t-shirt is what you need, with minimal designs and just one colour. You make up for the lack of designs with your messages which can be as long as you want them to be.

Sleeve and Chest Designs or Text

Aesthetic long-sleeved t-shirts are all about what you want to do, giving you ample space to explore whatever you might want to show. One of the most popular designs is the display on particular areas such as the sleeves and the chest. You can show all kinds of things, from shapes, designs, to actual texts. The sleeve option gives you far more space to explore and get the best results from.


Aesthetic long-sleeved t-shirts are by far one of the most unique and impressive options that you could try out. For the best long-sleeved t-shirts, visit Mermaid Freak.



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