Why Kpop merch is ‘the thing’ this season?

“Kpop is the best music in the world!” The kpop fans mean it when they say it. Their love for all Hulu is what makes kpop merchandise such a popular trend across most countries in the world. Almost everyone, whether it be a teenager or a grown person, is in love with kpop merch clothes. Let’s see what makes kpop ‘the thing’ this season.

  • A large variety of Kpop musicians:

From BTS collection to Exo collection, BigBang collection and Black Pink collection there is so much that we can choose from. This makes it hard to resist all the lovely Korean musicians’ merchandise. Their collections keep coming out every season so we never run out of the supply of their new things to flaunt like the real queens that we are.

  • Sarcastic fun quotes on shirts:

Kpop shirts come with many cool and sarcastic quotes to show how well your sense of humor is. Girl Power,  Lazy and Big BANG BANG BANG shirts are the most popular ones. There are Love Yourself hoodies too which make you feel confident and well dressed for casual hanging around. There is one-liner from famous kpop songs too which help other Kpop fans recognize the love for Kpop that you have.

  • Kpop badges are cute and fun:

Kpop badges are the coolest and cutest thing in the whole kpop merch. They go well with kpop merch clothes that we love so dearly. A small BTS badge on a black Love yourself sweatshirt can go a long way in showing that you have the coolest fashion sense. These are easy to carry and even your friend's group can have little kpop badges as friendship badges to wear while you go out. This will look cool no matter your age as kpop is something beyond age and boundaries.


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