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Finding affordable aesthetic clothing stores today can be quite a daunting task. It can cause a lot of frustration too, because you wouldn’t want your budget to hold you back from showcasing your aesthetic.

If you’re having trouble in finding a cheap aesthetic clothing store that wouldn’t compromise on quality, we have just the solution for you MERMAID FREAK!

Your search finally comes to an end. At our cheap aesthetic clothing store, you can shop top quality clothing products under $25 USD! Another plus point of shopping from our store is that we often have a sale going on. So, keep checking to shop while stocks and sales last and benefit from even lower prices.

If you’re looking for affordable, yet aesthetic pieces of clothing, follow this link to view our entire affordable collection now!

Let us introduce you to some of the products that our affordable aesthetic clothing store has to offer.


‘I Am Dead Inside’ Aesthetic T-Shirt

This short-sleeved, unisex t-shirt is printed with the infamous meme, featuring Micheal Scott, from the TV-series ‘The Office’. You can style this casual ‘O’ neck t-shirt with bottoms of almost any color (thanks to its dominant white color) and create your own aesthetic look. It costs just $14.99 USD!

Take your aesthetic ootd up a notch by adding some vintage necklaces from our store and you’ll be good to roll!


‘Life Is Boring’ Pulp Fiction T-Shirt

Are you a Pulp Fiction lover? You probably are! If yes, then this Mia Wallace aesthetic t-shirt is a MUST have for you. If not, then you should watch Pulp Fiction. You’ll definitely love it and come back here to get yourself this stylish and comfortable t-shirt.

This short-sleeved, unisex cotton tee is white and features Mia during one of the ‘iconic’ scenes from the infamous movie. The statement ‘life is boring’ (who doesn’t agree?) printed over it goes perfectly with her expressions. Get it now for an extremely reasonable price of $23.99 USD!


Gothic Transparent Glitter T-Shirt

Well, this is one of the unique and innovative pieces we offer to our female shoppers. This ‘O’ neck transparent t-shirt is made from cotton & polyester.

What’s special about this gothic-ly aesthetic t-shirt is that it showcases shades of different glittery colors over a black base. On top of that, the transparency allows you to wear any color of your liking underneath-you can create a completely new look every time you wear one of these aesthetic glittery t-shirts.

Perfect for parties, beaches and even casual hangouts, this aesthetic t-shirt is perfect for you! Get it now for just $12.99 USD!


The Smiths Vintage Women’s T-Shirt

All those who call themselves The Smiths’ fans, you need to take a look at this!

For just $22.99 USD, you can get this amazingly comfortable t-shirt and show your support for one of your favorite English rock bands. This vintage ‘O’ neck shirt has the cover of the bands’ infamous, third album (The Queen Is Dead) printed in blue over a white base.

Pair this aesthetic t-shirt with a pair of mom jeans, jam to the entire album and take yourself back to the ‘80s!


Head over to MERMAID FREAK and shop aesthetic clothes for under $25 USD now!










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