Aesthetic Clothing

One of the best characteristics about clothing is that it is a representation of who you are. Your style speaks volumes about what your likes and dislikes may be. As such, it is only natural for aesthetic to become a very subjective term that means one thing for you and anther for the person sitting next to you. With such a diverse definition of what style truly is and what defines aesthetic, online retailers, like Mermaid Freak, have to be careful of the selection of clothing items they offer for sale. Not only is quality judged but also the creativity of the design as well as the diversity offered.

We believe that in order to cater to our customer base at the very best standard we can think of, we have to incorporate a diverse range of aesthetics into our selection. So, not only do we cover the basics like T-Shirts, Hoodies, Pants, Sweatshirts but we also provide you with a large range of caps, hats and various other forms of accessories as well. All you have to do is visit our website and browse through everything yourself. We guarantee that you will land on something you love in a matter of seconds.


One of the basic requirements for any individual is a decent amount of t-shirts. They can be as plain or minimalistic as you like or as graphic and artsy as you desire, the idea is that they should be present. This is because t-shirts are a staple when it comes to clothing. They are highly comfortable, extremely versatile and can be just as aesthetic as anything else.

Align yourself with social movements while supporting our Feminist T-Shirt; express your love for the environment through our minimal Cacti T-Shit; allow people to see just how mystical you are through our Colorful Magical T-Shirt; express your cute self with our Kawaii T-Shirt and become a part of trends as you wear our Daddy T-Shirt.


When it comes to outerwear, we like to stock up on all types of hoodies, sweatshirts and jackets –perfect for all occasions. Whenever you need a quirky clothing item, all you have to do is go through our collection and decide on the one you like the best. Over the years, our space inspired Arizona Galaxy Hoodie  and Space Shuttle Hoodie has become popular. For all those who admire Beyonce, there is nothing better than our classic Flawless sweatshirt. Express your funny and sarcastic sides through our Chill sweatshirts and the Pepe Frog Hoodie.

As you browse through our collection, you will notice the diversity is styles and aesthetics which makes us the perfect online retailer that can fuel your individual style. When we say that there is something out there for everyone, we mean it. Visit our website and buy new clothing items, at decent price points, that help you express yourself and your personality as accurately as you wish.


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