Aesthetic Phone Cases

Mobile phone cases – a must-have item for everyone who owns a phone. How many people have you seen that don’t have a cover on their phone? Almost none, right? This is because everyone wants to protect their investment of hundreds of dollars. With technology evolving every day, new phones are coming out that are lighter, thinner, and much more fragile than mobile phones before them.

It’s better to be safe than sorry! An inexpensive way to protect your phone from scratches and falls, and in some cases, water as well. If you have a phone, you have a phone cover. Moreover, (you might not know this) most silicon or insulating covers enhance the signals of your phone. Lastly, if you plan on selling your phone in the future, keeping a cover on it keeps the resale value almost the same. 

With the growing trend of aesthetics and everything being tasteful, many phone cases not only protect your phone but makes them look unique as well. There are so many covers that you see daily on Tumblr, each more exclusive than the other.

At Mermaid Freak you can choose from over a hundred phone cases that match your personality. Choosing a phone case is the same as choosing an accessory like a ring or necklace, it has to match your style or outfit. The possibilities are endless! A phone case can be as distinctive as you want it to be, or vice versa.

We do offer a broad spectrum phone cases just for you to make your look more stylish and become your life more humorous. You can effortlessly find any phone case from grunge - gothic style to aesthetic, and more such as vintage, tumblr, movie-inspired, cartoon style, art-hoe lovers, pop-art lovers, so on in our store.

Here are a few of our favorites at (in no particular order)  

  1. “Popcorn” Phone Case – This stylish silicon cover is available for almost every iPhone (from iPhone 6, 6s, 6s+, 7, 7+, 8, 8+, iPhone X). This sturdy and cool phone case covers the phone from the back as well as the sides. While you can protect your phone, you can also present your own funny style and moreJ
  2. “Are You Okay” Tumblr Case – Available for iPhones and Samsung models. This clear made silicon cover has a Tumblr vibe to it. With this unique case, you can customize your phone without hiding the color of itself.
  3. Fashion Anime Girl Cute Soft Case – Love anime? Then this is the cover for you! These chic phone cases come in a variety of colors: white, black, baby pink, dark pink, mustard, and red.
  4. Aesthetic iPhone Case – If you’re looking for minimalistic and symmetrical look, then these phone covers will be perfect for you. The check pattern in both black and white go with almost every look: casual or formal.
  5. Alien Hippie Aesthetic Phone Cases – With the latest Area 51 jokes, this would be the perfect phone case for a conversation starter!
  6. “Candies: Oreo and Kitkat” Phone CaseThese phone cases are perfect for chocolate lovers. Not only do they look delicious they also protect your phone.
  7. Aesthetic Planet / Space Phone Cases – A simply sophisticated and aesthetic cover. The minimalistic design is ideal for those who like to keep it simple but stylish as well.
  8. “Nokia Nostalgic” Phone Cases – Who can forget our first mobile phones just before millennium age? Our vintage phone cases come in black and pink. If you’re feeling a little nostalgic and want to change up your phone’s look then these are perfect for you!
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