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BTS – The South Korean band that has recently taken the world by storm! Forming in 2013, the band gained popularity worldwide in 2015-2016. Now with fans in every corner of the world BTS is the leading boy band of 2019. The reason behind BTS’s growing popularity isn’t just the catchy beats but their conceptualized videos that have messages about mental health, concerns of the youth, and about loving yourself as an individual.

With bestselling albums like Love Yourself: Answer and Love Yourself: Tear, BTS is the second band after The Beatles to have earned not one, not two, but three number one albums in less than one year! Moreover, BTS is the first Korean band to have won the hearts of people globally and enter the western culture of music.

These record breaking albums have been super successful, selling around 60,000 copies each! Along with great songs comes awesome merchandise. Because of the boy band’s popularity, merchandise and clothing is purchased by every fan around the world. There are numerous sites that sell BTS merchandise, but most sell first copies or fake merchandise and might be ripping you off.

When buying BTS merchandise, be sure to double check the authenticity of the website. Fortunately, does not have a problem like that. We sell 100% authentic merchandise and clothing. When you log into and search for BTS merchandise, you open up a small world of everything BTS. From mugs, key-chains, caps, hoodies, t-shirts, masks, shorts, and sweatpants, the website has EVERYTHING!

Let’s have a look at a few of our favorite unique BTS merchandise:

  1. BTS All in one ‘Love Yourself: Tear/ Answer’ Army BoxThe most fascinating and exciting product has is the Army Box which comes with a lot of different things such as posters, gift bag, stickers, bracelets, signature card, polaroid card, exclusive BTS magazine, bookmarks, etc. The list is never ending! The box comes in two colors; white and black and is the perfect gift for a BTS lover!
  2. BTS Love Yourself Summer Bundle PackThis pair of shirt and shorts is the perfect combination of your love for BTS and merchandise. Nothing says ‘I’m a diehard BTS fan’ as this shirt with the bands logo on the front! Moreover, unlike hoodies and sweatshirts you can wear these all year long! Now your BTS craze doesn’t have to end with the season!
  3. BTS Love Yourself: Tear Photo CardsThese 3.5” x 3.5” picture box includes pictures of all seven band members along with group pictures as well. Because you can never have enough of these boys! These are perfect if you’re making a scrapbook, poster, or even if you’re looking to decorate your room.
  4. BTS Love Yourself Sweatpants and HoodieThought the perfect winter outfit didn’t exist? Think again. These BTS clothing come in different colors and both have a logo of the band at the front.

Purchasing merchandise has never been this easy! Head on to to buy all the BTS merchandise you can own!


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