Get The Look: BTS Idol


If you want to emulate the look of your favorite BTS Idol, you have come to the right place. Shop from to match with KPOP star by wearing what they have worn.


In the drop of their ‘Idol’ music video, you can see that all of the member’s looks were colorful, energetic and bright, which is quite different from all the looks they have adopted in other music videos. If you’re looking to dress like your favorite BTS Idol, here is a list of all the iconic fashion statements from the BTS ‘Idol’ music video.


Button It Up

The “Three Pattern Oversized” long sleeve shirt was an absolute favorite of Suga, made out of spandex and cotton. It basically comes in three different colors: white, yellow and black with stripes all over. For a basic look, it can be paired the long sleeve with an attractive pair of denim and a brown belt.


However, you can also opt for a more stylish look and style the shirt with plain beige trousers. So do not be doubtful of accessorizing and follow your favorite idol’s example.


Sweater Weather

Another favorite piece of clothing from BTS was the “Loved” sweater which is a red classic that can be worn to any casual occasion. It is a plain red sweater that is featured by countless lines of the words “loved” on it in white. It is a fashionable and trendy statement that you can rock at your favorite parties or outings.


Bless Your Ears

While blessing your ears with their beautiful music collection, you can also follow BTS with their stunning earring choices. With his stylish and trendy earrings, Jimin is obviously the first choice for many ARMY lovers around the world. The “Loop” earrings are no different as they add a lot of edge to his otherwise bold look. You can follow this in your own looks by wearing earrings to either soften or intensify a look.


Next, we see Suga’s punk style “Fake Love” earrings which is just a thin chain design. These earrings are ideal for more basic looks or for when you want to accessorize but keep the overall look minimalistic. 


Stay stylish

A very important aspect of BTS music video is their choice of fashion. The “Korea Dream GD” Bomber Jacket is one way to attract viewers and keep them engaged. With a stunning black logo on the back and the sleeves, this red bomber jacket does not fail to stun their fans. It also comes in black and you surely don’t want to miss this one.


Bottom line

All of the BTS looks from the ‘Idol’ music video was absolutely iconic and stunning. So if you’re looking for the perfect outfit worn your idols, is the shop for you.

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