Monsta X Merchandise



If you are looking for your favorite boy band’s merchandise, you are in the right place. provides the exclusive merch of Monsta X at the most reasonable prices.


Here are some of the pieces from the merch of Monsta X.

These are two-in-one t-shirts that are both in the same color. One t-shirt has the logo of Monsta X in the centre of it. They are available in a variety of colors including red, black, white, grey and pink. The t-shirts are made from polyester and cotton and retail for $27.99 USD.


These black t-shirts are also two-in-one and are made of cotton. They retail for $43.99 USD. The sleeves are specifically altered while one t-shirt has their logo in the centre. These are perfect for a casual night out and offer comfort with fashion.


Offered in two colors: black and white, this t-shirt has Monsta X signed in the centre. It also has “Shine Forever” written in white cursive beneath their name.

Each second shirt has the names of the members printed on it. They retail for $27.99 USD and are made of polyester and cotton.


These are available in four different colors: black, grey, white and pink. They are also made of cotton and retail for $39.99 USD. The logo of Monsta X is printed in the centre of one of the t-shirts while the other has it in a small font on the side. The larger logo is in black while the smaller one is in red. You can pair this with your favorite denims and accessorize to create a casual yet trendy outfit.


They retail for $9.99 USD and are made out of nylon. Each phone strap has the name of a different member of Monsta X engraved in white.


These retail for $9.99 USD. These photcards have the pictures of all the different members of Monsta X designed on them. They are a total of 20 pieces which are 88X56 MM of size.



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