Where to Buy Official Kpop Merchandise


K-pop bands have become increasingly popular today, and we all know why. The music’s appealing and catchy melodies, the storytelling feature of kpop music videos & songs, the personality of idols and of course, the fashion sense and costumes of these idols is what captivates the hearts of millions of kpop fans around the word-including you!

If you are wondering where to buy kpop merch from, you’ve come to the right place. We, at mermaid freak have just the perfect kpop merch collection for you. Gone are your days of wondering where to buy official kpop merch from, just follow this link and you’ll find yourself looking at the best and the most diverse kpop merchandise online.

Here are some of our popular kpop products to give you an insight of our kpop collection. We sell official kpop merch, so don’t be anxious about the quality and originality of our products and order away!


Kpop Key chains

These extremely adorable, multipurpose key chains are just what you need for your room and car keys. They would look just as kawaii while hanging from your school bag or even from your neck (you can easily turn these into a kpop necklace using a chain).

The two main colors used in this product are black and white- the perfect duo! You can choose from 7 different options. Each piece has its own ‘mood’ based on BTS idols, allowing you to correspond your mood with your lightweight and eye-catching BTS themed key chains.


Kpop BTS Necklaces

Necklaces have been ‘in’ for both girls and boys for ages now. And these kpop BTS necklaces are also unisex! They can be worn as chokers or pendant necklaces.

These necklaces are made using stainless steel and come in 8 different options to choose from: ‘BTS’, ‘Jungkook’, ‘Jhope’, ‘Jimin’, ‘V’, ‘Suga’ ‘Rapmonster’ and ‘Jin’. The roped chain that comes with these is trendy and comfortable at the same time.

So, pick your favorite BTS idol’s necklace and order it now. But, what if you have two? Or more? No worries! Order as many as you want and upgrade your kpop collection with these high fashion necklaces.

Kpop BTS Winter Gloves

Dimensions: 7x4.8x1.9 inches

These gloves are perfect for all those BTS girl-fans who are enthusiastic to show their support for the Bangtan Boys!

These ‘Love Yourself’ pink colored gloves are furry, pretty and comfortable, all at the same time. They are made of cotton and are the most stylish kpop gloves you will find in the market. The BTS logo flashes over both gloves in white, creating an aesthetically pleasing color scheme.


‘BTS Signed Gradient Frosted’ Bottles

We have all that you want, every kpop (especially BTS) merchandise product you can think of!

These beautiful, gradient frosted bottles are made from Tritan Copolyester. Each piece weighs only 322 grams and has a capacity of 480 ml.

You have 3 color options to choose from-white, a pretty pink and green. You also have two style options to choose from; one style exhibits signatures of all BTS idols while the other will help you call dibs on your favorite idol (e.g ‘SORRY, SUGA IS MINE). Flaunt these official kpop bottles during workouts, walks or just among friends!


Head over to MERMAID FREAK to expand your kpop collection with official kpop merchandise now!










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